Essay on Patients Rights

The CEO has designated an interdisciplinary team and asked it to prepare an analysis of current “Patient Rights” and their impact on the organization’s human resources in 2025.

Identifies and discusses this trend (Patient’s Rights) affecting the future of the US healthcare system, including such aspects as the overall economy, demographics, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology (including biotechnology and smartphones), and federal and state government policies. Note that these factors are neither exhaustive nor are they offered as a mandatory framework; your research will identify macro-trends relevant to your findings.

Use the above analysis, identify five (5) career opportunities that healthcare leaders will have to be aware of, address, or pursue in 2025. Be sure to explicitly link each job opportunity with the specific trends identified in your analysis.

Be sure to support your conclusions with appropriate source material. Conclusions are not just “your opinion.” Each conclusion must be clearly linked to eternally valid sources of information.

3 pages only…not more than 3 references..APA only

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