History Primary Source Analysis (Two pages)

Read John C. Calhoun’s “The Positive Good of Slavery” speech here:… The first question: What does John Calhoun believe is the biggest danger posed by Abolitionists? The second question: Explain, in detail, why Calhoun believes that slavery is a “positive good.” Please write two files, the first file answer the first question and another answer the second question. The requirement of my instructor is as following:

1. Even when I ask “what do you think,” I’m not asking for your “opinion,” I’m asking you to offer a reasoned argument based off of the materials in this course.

2. These answers, while using the material from the book or the films, need to be in your own words. Do not cut and paste from a website. There is no reason to use outside materials at all and I strongly urge you not to do that–paraphrasing without providing citation is plagiarism.

Thank you very much!

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