Local Social Marketing Campaign

One of the most effective methods of substance abuse prevention used
by public health and human service agencies is social marketing campaign
development. Social marketing campaigns use media outlets and
advertisements to target specific audiences with specific messages.
Research a local social marketing campaign in your home state (minnesota) and after
identifying it, answer the following questions about it:

  • Who is the audience being targeted?
  • What is the message that is being relayed?
  • What form of media is being used to project the message?
  • In your opinion, is the campaign effective? (Would it influence you if you were the population being targeted?)
  • What would have made the campaign more effective? (For example, is
    it visually eye-catching, is it too graphic, is its placement
    appropriate for its intended audience, and is the message clear enough?)

Be sure to provide a link or cite your sources where appropriate.

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