Product Development Process

Discussion 1: Product Development Process

This week’s content has discussed cross-functional product development and process selection. You have read about how new product development is influenced by the design process and the design tools selected. Two processes for product development were presented: the sequential process and the concurrent process. Each method has advantages and disadvantages that managers need to consider when developing a new product. Recall that operations is responsible for supplying the product or service of the organization and, in order to most efficiently and effectively supply the product, operations managers need to understand the product development options.

By Day 3

Post a 250- to 300-word statement that addresses the following questions about the product development process options:

  • What steps in the sequential product development process are similar to the concurrent product development process? What steps are different?
  • Which product development process is more efficient and effective for developing products and services that are well aligned with market expectations and why?

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