Questions on Shelly Kagan’s “Death”

I need an essay answering this question on Shelly Kagans book “Death”- I am unable to download it for some reason so i will have to give you my google play login for you to go to my google books and see it from there. A 2-3 page answer would be good with as much information as possible. The question is:

What are the personality and body views of personal identity? The personality view faces a problem in the duplication case, while the body view faces a problem in the fission (brain bisection) case. Explain the duplication and fission cases, explain why they are a problem for the respective view of personal identity, and explain the four possible responses (as well as their relative merits) one could give to each case. Finally, explain the “No Branching” rule and explain its relevance to the issue. Finally, explain the Methuselah example and explain what it is suppose to show.

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