SCLB0652 – Discussion – Final Reflection

Empathy. Compassion. Social justice. Community. Practice. Reflection. These are familiar words in your social work readings and study. In this course, you have had the opportunity to apply those words and concepts in a unique way with your colleagues and Instructors in the online classroom and, most importantly, during your on-ground residency experience.

Often, pivotal experiences create momentum and inspire further reflection. This week, you reflect on your experience and accomplishments during this singular experience.

Reflection and self-assessment are critical skills for social work practice. And reflection allows you to deepen your learning and find ways to build momentum for future endeavors. In this Discussion, you reflect on your Skills Lab experience and discover ways to carry your learnings forward into both your Field Education experience and your practice.

Post a response to the following: (Be very detailed in response, use subheading and 2 peer-reviewed references) Three key learning experiences for me were learning about Restorative Practices, reflective listening by listening without speaking to show the client I am hearing them, Cultural diversity and Working with Families. (I have included 3 powerpoints for reference)

  • Identify three key learnings from the Skills Lab experience.
  • Explain how you will incorporate these learnings into your Field Education experience.

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