State and Federal Laws, management homework help

One important role of an HR professional is to distinguish state laws from federal laws.

  • To find information on state laws and federal laws use resources like the Shapiro library and World at Work “Newsline,” found in the Resource Center at
  • Research articles related to HR responsibilities in the implementation of state laws that are distinguishable from federal Laws. (e.g., right-to-work, benefits like vacation pay, minimum wage, and others).
    Identify a particular federal law and related
    state law.
    Explore the difference in state laws from
    federal laws. Which laws must be followed? Why would one law take
    precedence above the other?
    What advice concerning these laws would you provide if
    you were an HR professional advising top executives who had employees in
    different states and possibly other countries?
    How HR professionals can help
    guide the interruption and application of these laws.


In accordance with APA guidelines, you must cite any source that you use to support your position. Keep in mind that if you cite the source it must be placed in the reference section and if it’s in the reference section, it must have an accompanying citation. Can’t have one without the other.

I would encourage you to make sure your works are proofread before submitting them. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are key elements in scholarly writing.

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