The impact of globalization of crime and terrorism

Each student is required to write and present your term project “Experiencing Globalization” as part of the course work. The writing is based on your cumulative knowledge of global sociology learned in this course and focusing on one topic such as globalization of economy and trade; globalization of culture and consumption; globalization of migration and tourism; globalization of media and sports; globalization of crime and terrorism and etc. Students will also be arranged in discussion of his/her own topic of term project online. The instructor will provide assistance online or during office hours and, if necessary, appointments can be set up to discuss any questions that could arise in writing and presentation. The term project will be requested to submit into DropBox in Week 14 by the due date Sunday, Apr. 22nd and the meantime students can upload it into your ePortfolio.

In your term project, you need to describe what is happening in individual daily lives impacted by globalization and explain why it happens. You may present a case study of “individual globalization” such as an experiencing abroad; working in a foreign company, cross-nation marriage, etc. and how those experiences impact a person’s behaviors, perceptions, and value orientations. At least two concepts of globalization may be applied in analyzing the material in your term project.

The term project is expected no less than 3 pages and no longer than 4 pages in length (about 800-1000 words), typed and double-spaced. Be sure to use a reasonable font (12 size), and check your paper for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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