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The CNL is a leader in the healthcare delivery system in all settings in which healthcare is delivered. CNL practice will vary across settings. The CNL is not one of administration or management. The CNL assumes accountability for patient-care outcomes through the assimilation and application of evidence-based information to design, implement, and evaluate patient-care processes and models of care delivery. The educational preparation of the CNL is that they need a master’s educated nurse, prepared for practice across the continuum of care within any healthcare setting. To be a CNL, you must have a baccalaureate and graduate school of nursing with other healthcare organization and disciplines. The CNL is a provider and manager of care at the point of care to individuals and cohorts of patients anywhere healthcare is delivered. Fundamental aspects of CNL practice include:

· Clinical leadership for patient-care practices and delivery, including the design, coordination, and evaluation of care for individuals, families, groups, and populations;

· Participation in identification and collection of care outcomes;

· Accountability for evaluation and improvement of point-of-care outcomes, including the synthesis of data and other evidence to evaluate and achieve optimal outcomes;

· Risk anticipation for individuals and cohorts of patients;

· Lateral integration of care for individuals and cohorts of patients

· Design and implementation of evidence-based practice(s);

· Team leadership, management and collaboration with other health professional team members;

· Information management or the use of information systems and technologies to improve healthcare outcomes;

· Stewardship and leveraging of human, environmental, and material resources; and,

· Advocacy for patients, communities, and the health professional team.

An example of CNL influences in direct patient care in my hospital is the provision of evidence-based discharge education by nurses can improve clinical outcomes and decrease costly re-admissions for patients with chronic heart failure . In my Med, surgical unit, CNL tracked discharge teaching compliance by nursing staff. Documentation included instructions for activity, diet, weight monitoring, medications, symptoms, and follow-up. Initial findings indicated a documentation compliance rate of 13%. If the data reflected actual care, then much of patients were not receiving adequate discharge instructions. The CNL developed a series of educational materials for staff use, and with the assistance from a clinical computer specialist, developed an automated template for documentation by nurses. Post intervention, compliance rose to the 90th percentile and later sustained at 100% compliance

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