write short paragraphs about the case study .

a. Briefly explain the central components of utilitarianism- this should not be hard, as you will have already viewed the videos and examined all the other course materials. Do not engage in an ethical analysis of the case study yet, this will be done in part c below.

b. After reading this week’s case study, what is the ethical issue that you will be assessing? (A case study will probably have multiple ethical issues embedded with in it, you may choose the one that you feel best applies to the week’s ethical theory). Do not engage in an ethical analysis yet, this will be done in part c.

c. Perform a utilitarian analysis of the ethical issue raised in part B. Be sure to use the conceptual tools from the lecture video and readings.

************D. How would Vaidya and Sen respond to this issue? What are the key differences between Vaidya/Sen’s assessment and the utilitarian assessment?

{You only need to do the Part D in 300 words. Th ethical issue is that —— Amazon as a huge corporation treats their employees not very well. The employees do not have enough benefits at work because of their massive production. Amazon does not cherish their employees that they will rather fire one and hire another one. Overall, The employees are under heavy workload and Amazon does not care about their employees’ feeling.

Case study:…

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