Extra Credit assignment

AMH 2020 – American History II – Fall 2018

Extra Credit Assignment

For this assignment, you will write a one-page paper in response to the article posted on Canvas under “Extra Credit.” The assignment is due November 25, at 11:59pm and is worth 5 points. This must be in the style of an academic paper.

Prompt: Within the last week, Sears has declared bankruptcy in federal court. This is the company that revolutionized the retail business at the turn of the twentieth century with the advent of mail-order catalogs. In the days that have followed this announcement, historians have pondered the role of the company in shaping American society. For this extra credit assignment, you will write a one-page response paper examining an article that looks at the relationship between the Sears catalog and Jim Crow laws in the South. You will include a summary of the article and demonstrate which of the three principles of the Jim Crow the Sears catalog helped to overcome.

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