digital marketing project on 5G technologies and IOT: how does 5G develop more ways of medical care future. 2000 Words

This will be complemented by an individual report underlying the key strategic decisions and tool used and leverage in the group specialist topic. As such, you can build and deviate from your group presentation underlying your own strategic approach in function of your own experiences. What is really important is to incorporate the frameworks and academic models developed in the module to justify your answers. In doing so, you may want to leverage STP of a particular set of market actors (e.g., in B2B, B2C, B2G or senior consumers, potential consumers etc.).

The report evaluates the student’s ability to critically acquire, interpret and conceptualise advanced digital marketing problem and apply their critique to a practical situation as manager that leverage academic reading to justify and support arguments. Online examples, references further readings, statistical information providing order of magnitude on the topic and a short reflective conclusion, including practical recommendation is also required as described below.

1. Title as a research question: e.g. Why and How blockchain should be adopted in XX firm?

2. Introduction (definition of key dimension, magnitude of phenomena and justification leading to RQ)

3. Detailed evaluation of key concepts, tools, strategies used in the module applicable to the specific context at hand (here blockchain)

4. Discussion and Comparative Analysis of 1-2 real firm application or case study (positives and negatives)

5. Recommendations (do and don’t)

6. Conclusion

7. References at least 10

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