English Composition



Complete I:

Writing assignment #3: Refer to pages 413-440 in your textbook. It is time to start thinking about your research paper that is due at the end of the course.


1. Identify your working thesis.
2. List the key words you will use to search for information.
3. Include the types of sources you plan to access for this information and a list of three resource URLs or bibliographic entries.

Complete II:

A. Subject- Verb Agreement [Review Subject-Verb Agreement on Purdue Owl – Subject/Verb agreement] – Correct the agreement errors in the following paragraph by writing down the line number and any incorrect verb with the correct form beside it. (example: line 3: study/studies) NOTE: There are six (6) errors in the paragraph.


There is in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, many surprises to be found. Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, and Madrid, the country’s capital, has a traditional rivalry. At one time, the population of Barcelona were forbidden to speak the city’s native tongue, Catalan, by a royal decree from Madrid. Today, however, neither Spanish nor Catalan are discriminated against in the region. One of the sites that belongs on every tour, the outlandish cathedral La Sagrada Familia (“The Sacred Family”), was designed by Antoni Gaudi. Everyone using the word “gaudy” actually has Gaudi’s name on his or her tongue.

A series of thirteenth- to fifteenth-century palaces now house the Museo Picasso, which display a history of Picasso’s work and his many years living in Barcelona. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, or The Young Ladies of Avignon, are one example of a painting inspired by his time in Barcelona. Whether you prefer cobblestone streets with centuries-old buildings or asphalt streets with modern shops and taverns, each are found in Barcelona. At night, every one of the streets seem to have a festive air, reflecting the vivacity of Spanish culture.

B. Pronoun-Antecedent and Subject-Verb Agreement [Review Subject-Verb Agreement on Purdue Owl – Subject/Verb agreement] – Provide the correct pronoun or verb for each blank in the following sentences. Use the choices in parentheses.


Some people __________ math with an abacus. ( do/ does)


The earliest examples __________ employed between 2700 and 2300 B. C. in Sumeria. ( was/ were)


Pocket- sized abacuses __________ still popular in Japan, despite the availability of portable calculators. ( is/ are)


Expert abacus users __________ able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and even calculate square roots and cube roots very quickly. ( is/ are)

Complete III:
Write a Narrative essay of 500-700 words.

Possible topics include but are notlimited to:
Describe a person, place or object that has special meaning in your life.
Describe a particular moment or memory in your life that has changed you or your perspective of the world.


Narration is the organizational pattern you use if you want to tell a story. Usually writers use this pattern if they are relating something personal or something from their experience. “My pheasant hunt,” “How I met my boyfriend,” or “My experience at the football game” are examples of topics Often the writer begins the essay with an anecdote and then goes into a time sequence for the story. Do you recall an experience that changed your life? Write about it in the narration pattern.


Journal Entry:

Your journal entry must be a least 2 paragraphs. Please discuss the value you found in this narrative writing assignment.

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