Response 2 paragraphs for Appalachia


Step 1) TEXT: Chose a piece of text to critique and use as part of the classroom discussion. Copy & paste that portion into the RAT or reference the page number with a section of the chosen quote or idea.

Step 2) RESPOND: Make nuanced connections among the previous and current readings, authors’ arguments, and Gender, Sexuality, & Appalachian Studies. What question(s) did the article raise for you academically, socially, personally, etc.?

Step 3) APPLY: This is the most important section of your CR. As such, you should spend the most time and effort in your completion of this section. Apply the readings, key concepts, and terms to a “real world” text (a music video, a movie, a news coverage story, a website, an event in your own life, etc.).


*Use tangible examples instead of personal anecdotes or generalizations

* Think social data (memes, images, FB, articles, websites, events, protests. etc.) to strengthen your application.

*Explain why you chose this application and how it contributes to our class material

*Re-connect your application to the text or a series of text(s) from class.

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