Review Paper: Jabiru J430 Accident Report (PLG1)


Follow the guidelines for all review papers and write a 2-page assessment of an engine related accident addressing the theory of operation and performance of the reciprocating engine prior to the accident. Refer to the rubric for the evaluation criteria.

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Additional Information

The Jabiru J430 is one model in a large family of two- and four-seat Australian light aircraft developed as touring aircraft and provided in kit form by Jabiru Aircraft.


  • Engine Jabiru 3300A
  • Aircraft serial number 763
  • Registration number VH-OFR
  • Year manufactured 2010
  • Registered 20 August 2010
    • Australian Civil Aircraft Register

Maintenance and Usage:

  • Engine overhauled after 403.7 hours of in-service time. Manufactured in Feb 2010 … accident date 18 Jun 2017.
  • Total engine in-service hours at time of accident: 816.2 hours.
  • Hours accumulated since overhaul at time of accident: 412.5
  • Days since engine overhaul: 2725 days Or 7 years 5 months, 18 days. Or ~89 months
  • Average hours per month (4.6 hours) from overhaul to accident date.
  • Engine total hours and months since aircraft new: average hours per month since engine new 9.1 hours, based on ~89 months
  • Engine oil consumption 100 ml/hr

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