Risk Management Plan II, management homework help

Identify two or more case studies on legal and ethical workplace situations that are influenced by society, culture, politics, health, safety, and security. It is recommended to select two case studies relevant to your selected organization.There are many resources to use. One recommended website is Business in the Community Case Studies at

The following article provides excellent sources on HR’s role in the mitigation of social and environmental risk and opportunities.

•The Executive Summary by HRM’s Role in Corporate Social and Environmental Sustainability by Elaine Cohen, Sully Taylor and Michael Muller-Camen

Deliverable for Phase II:Assume the executives of your organization are interested in HR’s approach to risk mitigation with regard to legal and ethical workplace situations. Begin to research best practices regarding legal, ethical, safety, environmental, cultural, political, and financial factors in the workplace.To accomplish this, you will need to compare and contrast two case studies of your choice. Consider what each company’s strengths and weaknesses are. Compose a 1-page comparison and contrast of the case studies, identifying HR strengths and weaknesses regarding legal and ethical workplace situations.


In accordance with APA guidelines, you must cite any source that you use to support your position. Keep in mind that if you cite the source it must be placed in the reference section and if it’s in the reference section, it must have an accompanying citation. Can’t have one without the other. I would encourage you to make sure your works are proofread before submitting them. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are key elements in scholarly writing.

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