5DVP Final – Developing Professional Practice

Hi there,

I have a final submission of 5DVP and the following is required, if not followed it is likely your submission will be referred.

  1. An updated development plan in its full original landscape format , the remainder of the submission should be portrait format. This is an update to your originally submitted plan demonstrating the progress you have made since the last submission, suggest you highlight in a different colour to show progress.
  2. CPD record in landscape for the last 12 months. This is all the learning you have completed, include Reading, Podcasts, seminars, conferences, Webinars, online training, CIPD Factsheets, Journals Informal and Formal learning
  3. Reflective statement on what you have learned from each unit of study and how you will apply the learning to an HR/L&D role, there will be 8 units and this is 200 – 250 words for each unit, a total of 1600 – 2000 words as explained during 5DVP.
  4. Research is NOT required for this submission.

* This is all in question # 3.3 which is the only required in (Activity 4).

* A SAMPLE of the assignment attached.

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