Choose an article, website, or some other piece to give an 7-8 min oral presentation

The individual oral presentation is for a general audience; it will be in the form of a summary. Choose an article, website, or some other piece of information from your field. The subject matter should be technical, and it should be short enough so that you can cover several main points in a time frame of seven to eight minutes. The presentation should be no shorter than seven minutes and no longer than eight minutes.

You might choose to discuss

  • A crisis, involving computers, transportation, or a company’s operations
  • Information on a new product
  • Some sort of merger, in which you would describe what would occur with different product lines
  • A recall
  • Testing processes for a particular product
  • Anything else you can think of that is focused enough to summarize in 8 minutes.

Your presentation should

  • Contain an introduction, main points (three would be best), and a conclusion.
  • Be well organized.
  • Contain general statements as well as examples.
  • Include one visual aid (suitable for a general audience) that can be communicated with your video camera.
  • Address a general audience appropriately. (I’ll give you an evaluation sheet so that you can see exactly what areas to concentrate on.)
  • Be professionally presented.

State where you obtained the information used.

Any question please feel free to ask!!

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