Development Theory and Treatment Plan Application Paper

Your final product will be a 5-7 page Word document written in APA format, utilizing at least six (6) scholarly sources. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Compare treatment plan options for Connor based on theories of adult development. Choose a plan, and describe treatment goals for Connor using the plan. Discuss strategies that are mindful of how development is multidimensional for both Connor and Samantha, and include a crisis management plan for Samantha. Finally, create a wellness plan for both Connor and Samantha, which promotes a healthy relationship. (See rubric for more details).

Case Scenario: In this 5-7 page assignment, you will compare developmental treatment plan options for the given scenario and discuss strategies and interventions for the client including a relevant crisis management plan.

Treatment Plan Scenario

You have been hired as a counselor working in a drug and alcohol counseling center. One of your patients is a man named Connor, aged 85. Connor left school at 16. He has never had a job that lasted longer than a few months. He has a long string of criminal offences (burglary, shoplifting). He is an alcoholic and is believed to have been drinking heavily since the age of 17. He has two adult children by different women. Both partners have said that he was violent towards them. His daughter, Laura (age 27), has a history of cocaine abuse which started in her early teens. A child protection agency has established that Laura recently left her child (Samantha – aged 6 years) on her own when she went out to obtain drugs. She is attending parenting classes at the insistence of the child protection agency, who have made it clear that they will take steps to prevent Samantha remaining in Laura’s care if she does not address her drug habit. Laura is often depressed, and has little self-esteem. In spite of Connor’s history of violence towards her, she cannot imagine not living with her father as she looks to him for security.

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