Emotional/Behavioral Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Good evening. I am about to upload the specific disability assignment. It is expected that you will prepare a PowerPoint that includes the following:

1. The definition of the specific disability;

2. Related characteristics of the disability;

3. List and a short description of assessment tools used to diagnose the specific disability;

4. Strategies that may be used to teach students with the specific disability in inclusive classrooms.

I would expect that you will make the presentation as creative as possible and include strategies that will be useful for increasing teachers and support personnel effectiveness in meeting the needs of students in inclusive settings. If you need assistance and resources, please see me. I anticipate that the first set of presentations will occur October 18th. In order to make sure that everyone is able to present, I would suggest that you focus more on the characteristics and strategies. The general lectures will be posted to Blackboard so that most of the time will be given to your presentations. Again, if you have questions, please reach out. Also, I will post the second examination on Thursday before 3:00 PM. You will have until Friday at 11:50 to submit it via e-mail as a word document.

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