The Trobriand Islanders

500 words

The Essay Question: You first saw the Trobriand Islanders in a video about Malinowski. He visited the Trobriand
Islands nearly 100 years ago. The world is a far different place now than it was a century ago, but much of the
Trobriand Islanders’ core cultural values and lifestyle have persisted. In this essay, you will explore the persistence
of Trobriand culture as the world around them pressed in on their traditional lifestyle. First, describe Trobriand
Island culture. Draw on both the chapter by Peters-Golden and the video Warriors of the Sea. Second, discuss at
least two aspects of the culture that has persisted, and explain how these aspects of their culture did or did not
change over the past century.

I prefer that you have NO (zero, zilch, none) quotes in your essay. Paraphrase articles instead. Then cite article, book, video, or lecture to show where you got your information. You should have two or three citations in each paragraph in the body of your essay

Details: Anticipated length: 500-900 words, but it may be longer. An essay 500-900 words long is roughly two or
three double-spaced pages in an Arial 10 or Calibri 12 font with one inch margins on each side. You need to have
an introduction, a body, a conclusion and a list of references cited. The introduction explains the problem and tells
the reader what you are going to discuss. The body discusses what you told the reader you were going to discuss.
The conclusion sums up your information, reiterates the key points, and closes the essay. The list of references
shows you sources.

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