Build a process using RapidMiner


  1. Build a process that creates a set of association rules for this dataset, using a minimum support of 0.04 and a minimum confidence of 0.1. Show a screenshot of the Process panel.
  2. Run the process, and sort the association rules from highest support to lowest support. Show a screenshot of the list of rules. (You do not need to show all of them, but at least the first 10 must be visible.)
  3. What is the rule with the highest confidence? How would you interpret the confidence of that rule?
  4. What is the lift ratio (“lift”) of the rule “if FootballTalk, BaseballNews, then Investorettes”? How would you interpret the lift ratio of this rule?
  5. A few of the rules in the list have lift ratios that are less than 1. For instance, “if TVWatcher, then Investorettes” has a lift ratio of 0.701. What does that tell you about the relationship between those two Twitter accounts?

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