Novel analysis Essay Revision

Instructions of Revision: Please see the attachment essay*

1-The Essay needs 1.5 more double spaces length to be added to it. Please add 1.5 page length to this paper in different places or any paragraphs applicable that are short.

2-A minimum of 6 well-chosen (read: scholarly and pertinent) secondary sources are needed. Besides the 2 sources related to the novels, there are only 4 secondary sources used in this essay now. Please add 2 more secondary sources and cite them in the writings.

In Sum I need you to add 1.5 page length to this essay in different places or any paragraphs applicable, with use 2 more secondary sources in addition to the ones used: such as peer reviewed articles or any books within the paper to provide more support into the analysis in any paragraphs that you can and it applies and cite them within the text.

3-Please also proofread and comprehensively edit the essay to make sure there are no grammarian/sentence structure errors and the essay is in a good quality to hand in as Master’s degree English essay.

Original Essay Guidelines:

Here is the topic of the essay: Compare the representation of gender (masculinity and/or femininity) in following two novels:

Samuel Richardson, Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded (Oxford World’s Classics)

Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto (Oxford World’s Classics)

Write an 8 page paper on one of the topic using lotf of citations as back up. Use the topic as a starting point for developing a clear and focused argument (thesis) about two provided novels. (you can choose the 2 out of the 4 in the provided list below)* Support your thesis with a mix of original literary analysis, and research. A minimum of 6 well-chosen (read: scholarly and pertinent) secondary sources are required. Please cite all sources properly (both in the body of the essay and in a Works Cited) using the MLA method of documentation. Define key terms clearly. Consider the similarities and differences between your texts.

***Please proofread your work carefully as the work has to be free of ANY grammatical mistakes and sentence/punctuation errors because the work is to be submitted as a major English course assignment. Be sure to meet the modest length requirements.

Make sure you use a lot of quotes and paraphrases from the novels of your choice to back up the analysis. So every paragraph should have at least two citations in it as back up: either from the novels or from the research sources.

Do include the topic you have selected in the chat so I know the correspondence

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