RE: SOCW6510 (WK7) – Assignment 2: Practice Problem

Evidence based practice is essential to effective social work practice. For this assignment, you are required to:

  • identify a current practice problem relevant in your current agency (i.e., working with resistant clients, engaging clients when they don’t talk much, having negative perceptions about your client, counter transference, etc.),
  • after identifying your practice problem, conduct an extensive literature search as it relates to your practice problem that provides you with a complete understanding of the practice problem.

Based on your findings in the literature:

  • What did you discover that will help you address your practice problem?
  • How might your research guide your work in your field agency?
  • After reviewing the literature/research and comparing it to the practice problem, the student is expected to do the following:

Submit a 2 page reflection paper that:

  • Briefly discusses the literature
  • Briefly identifies the practice problem
  • Briefly explains how the literature will be used to address the practice problem while engaging in the agency.

APA format – 3 peer reviewed references and detailed summary of all requested information.

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