Standard Deviation, business and finance homework help

You are a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company and you must present an analysis of the financial data to the executives. Select a publicly traded company in the same industry as the company you work for or one that you would like to work in. Locate the company’s annual report and any other available data (e.g. units manufactured, revenue, etc.) that is available for the last 5 years. Use one of the company’s historical data sets to calculate the standard deviation of the selected data for the last 5 years. Discuss what the standard deviation means. Analyze data using variance and standard deviation. Create an 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including detailed speaker notes 

Standard deviation is an important concept that
can be used in business to analyze financial data. The Week 3 individual
assignment provides students the chance to look at the historical financial
data of a real-world company and find out how to apply statistical concepts to
business uses. 

student based their assignment on a publicly traded company and their
financial data or key parameters for the last 5 years.

student correctly graphed the company’s financial data and/or key parameters.

student correctly calculated the mean, median and standard deviation using

of (1) are the mean and median
similar? (2) Is this surprising or expected?

student discussed the meaning of standard deviation. (Not just the formula).

how the standard deviation can indicate if an investment is a high or low

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