Denning, D. (2015). E. 2000. Cyberterrorism.

Kushner, D. (2013). The real story of stuxnet. IEEE Spectrum, 50(3), 48-53.

For this project, you will use the topic and sources that you selected in Unit V. Please explain in detail the issue, current status, and recommended plan of action to mitigate or prevent this threat. Also, develop a plan for post-terrorism recovery
HLS 3303, Terrorism Response Operations 4
in relation to your topic. Please provided detailed information about the topic and supporting evidence for your plan of action.

Your completed assignment should be a minimum of six double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least three peer-reviewed sources for this assignment. Reference entries and in-text citations should follow APA formatting guidelines.

Your project should include the following categories:

 Title page 

Introduction of the topic 

Current status of the topic 

Recommended plan of action 

Post-terrorism recovery plan 


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