Discussion Post: Careers within the Nutrition Field in todays market!

  • Compose a 400-500 word (3-5 paragraphs) answer addressing the guidance outline listed below.
  • First, identify some of the different careers associated with nutrition.
  • USAJOBS.GOV & are helpful websites to find unfamiliar jobs or any other job searching website you know about.
  • Choose one that interests you
  • It should also include IN-Text Citations and References in MLA or APA Format
  1. Research and determine:
    1. Definition/What they do…
    2. Specific job descriptions
    3. Education required
    4. Impact/contribution to society…
    5. Salary
    6. Adverse affects (negative affects that can cause biological disease or disorders; i.e. gaining weight from a sedentary job or exposure to toxins from working in a biochemical lab).
    7. Length of time you would decide to stay on this job/career path and why?
    8. (Bonus) The next position/job/career after you’ve made your mark or established yourself in the one you’ve chosen.

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