Gylfaginning, English homework help

Humanities 201

Comparison Paper


5 pages, double spaced, MLA format, Works Cited page, last name and page numbers at the upper right corner of every page.


Pick a popular cultural image of Thor, Loki, Valkyries or any Norse character, and compare it to the portrayal in the Gylfaginning. What characteristics, history or attributes are similar to the original character? How are they modified for a more modern audience?

Consider the following sources:

Marvel’s Thor movies

Marvel’s The Avengers movie

Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon, Ep. 10 on Netflix)

Earth’s Mightiest (cartoon, Ep. 104 on Netflix)

Vikings (The History Channel)

Internet fan art

The more you search, the more you will realize how much Norse mythology has infiltrated Western culture. Find what speaks to you, no matter how highbrow or lowbrow and explore how Norse mythology has developed from its roots.

– Must contain a 3 part thesis

– Must be written in present tense

– Must have 3 scholarly sources and 2 main sources/primary

– Must demonstrate knowledge of norse myth, its characters, and/or its culture

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