Q: A Report of (Overview of data privacy)

A sample will be given below just for showing the mechanism of the report.


Increasing computing power, storage, and networking capabilities provide easy

ways for information access. The ease and anonymity with which information is now

communicated, copied, and manipulated in online environments pose new

challenges to the protection of privacy and intellectual property. The main ethical,

social, and political issues raised by information systems center around information

rights and obligations, property rights and obligations, accountability and control,

system quality, and quality of life.


Your research report should contain the following topics:

1-Abstract: comprehensive overview of the report in 150 to 200 words

2-Introduction: Describe the topic and its issue in 250 to 300 words

3-Literature review: Review the relevant sources and summarize it in 1000 to
1100 words

4-Conclusion: In this section, you should critically evaluate topic’s relation to
social, ethical or legal implication of computing and draw your conclusion to your
topic (300 to 400 words).

5-Bibliography: Should include all the sources cited in the report (words not
counted as part of the report)

2000 words


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