The research assignment requirements can be found in the description and file upload sections.

Part One: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
— a white paper on cities

This white paper a title page, a table of contents on page 4, anabstract on page 4, and then the body of the white paper on pages 5-16. It does not cite any sources, but rather uses testimonies from various cities and municipalities to give credibility to its claims.

Please answer the following questions, answering each one in one to three sentences or so.

1. Who is the audience for this white paper? In other words, what potential clients is it trying to attract?

2. Examine pages 5-7. Is this white paper “marketing” AWS a bit too much? Remember the lecture from the Purdue OWL in which the narrator mentioned at the 3:28 mark that white papers are sometimes written by companies and, therefore, “we should be cautious of viewing all white paper reports as neutral or objective, informative research.” If you were to gather information about cloud services, and you were to read this white paper as part of your research in your information gathering, what considerations would you keep in mind as you gleaned the information from this white paper?

3. Notice the headings in the white paper. They are not typical academic headings. They are designed to catch the reader’s attention. This strategy resonates with a strategy given in the Purdue OWL lecture. What strategy did the Purdue OWL mention in this regard?

4. Please comment on whether the graphics in this white paper help communicate the message. You can see Figure 1 on page 6 and Figure 2 on page 14.

Note: Initial Response and two (2) follow-up responses

Part Two: Reviewing assignments and defining technical

Please read over pages 129-131 of the article by Kitty Locker, “Will Professional Communication Be the Death of Business Communication?” (Uploaded).

1. How does Locker distinguish technical writing from business writing? Write a couple of sentences or so in your response to this question.

2. You have written a set of instructions and a technical description. In addition, you are finishing up a white paper. Would you agree with Locker? Would you say that technical writing is expository and that business writing is persuasive? Did any of the writing assignments in this class involve some persuasion? Please draw upon your experience in writing the instructions, the technical description, and the white paper as you write your response.

Please write a paragraph or two in response to this question.

Note: Initial Response and two (2) follow-up responses

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