Discussion: Trying Juveniles as Adults

After reading Chapters 15 and 16, examine and analyze the issue of trying juveniles as adults. The following questions should be answered in your initial post:

  • Do you think there are some situations where juveniles should be tried as adults? If so, when?
  • If juveniles are tried as adults, how should they be sentenced and incarcerated?
  • Can the more rehabilitative philosophy of the juvenile court be applied when a juvenile is tried in an adult court?
  • How do the theories you have studied in this course contribute to transferring juveniles to adult jurisdictions?

Respond to at least two of your classmates. In each response, reflect on your peer’s argument and respectfully enter a counterargument either for or against treating juveniles as adults. What arguments have they not considered? Reference their posts and provide citations from the textbook, the additional resources you have reviewed in the course, and your own research.

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