Is Google Making Us Stupid?, English Essay help

For this assignment, you will compare and contrast “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr and “Think Digital Distractions Have Killed Our Attention Spans? Think Again.” These articles should be compared and contrasted point-by-point instead of article-by-article to ensure a more comprehensive discussion. Your comparison should also include your own insight as you determine which views are most valid. By doing this, you may consider the rhetorical value of the articles (logos, ethos, and pathos), the writing style, and the content. Since you are incorporating your own voice and perspective into the essay, you should use “I” when appropriate. Lastly, the essay should comment upon the value of this exploration and what you have learned from comparing these two views.

When discussing the views of the articles’ authors, use quotes to strengthen and focus your paper. Since you will quote, you MUST have a Works Cited page.

Length: 3-5 double-spaced pages……

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