LAW 187 ICJ Judgement in the Asylum Case (Colombia V. Peru)

LAW 187(Diplomacy)

-Please read the ICJ Judgment in the Asylum Case (Colombia v. Peru). You may also use the materials attached as references (articles and brief notes) in order to answer the following questions:

(1) Which was the factual background of the case? (300 words)
(2) Can you describe the legal arguments of the parties with reference to both international customary and treaty law? (300 words)
(3) Can you describe the findings of the ICJ regarding the legal status of diplomatic asylum? (300 words)

– Please use appropriate and additional references and footnotes for intext citatons , all according to APA style

-Format: .doc or .docx

-Font size and type: 12 Times New Roman, double-spaced

-Attached you can find the judgment and further reading materials to help you easily navigate and answer the questions of the assignment and they can also serve as references for the paper. You need to add additional references though. References should be about 9-10 in total, DONT forget to use footnotes for citations.


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