Liquor Journal

First, you will check the Journal example, You can open the docx, than you can do it.

Second You are responsible for keeping a weekly journal. Each week as we cover a liquor category you will be required to enter into your journal a Brand that has not been covered in class or described through the tasting analysis of our classroom text. This entry should include the brand name, history/origins, production method (including base material) and flavor profile of the product. You must show a bottle cost and per ounce cost for your product. Your work must be cited and MLA format adhered to.

Finally entry each week will be a recipe for a cocktail/mixed drink (researched or original) utilizing the liquor category covered. The source for the cocktail cannot be one of the 40 drink recipes practiced during mixology.

Each weekly entry must follow MLA format for citing your source. You may use web sites, magazines, periodicals, books or newspapers. The culinary archive is available for your research as well. Journals are due Week Five and Week Ten

Journal Liquor Categories should include:

Cognac or Armagnac, Unaged or Fruit Brandies, Scotch, Irish Whisky (4 total)

Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Liqueur (6 total)

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