Module 2 discussion

Module 2 – Background


Required Background Material

The emphasis is on the balance sheet, but we need to understand how the four financial statements are connected. Let us start with two brief videos describing financial statements.

AccountingWITT. (2011, Oct. 1). Financial Statements – An Introduction. [Video file]. Retrieved from

AccountingWITT. (2011, Oct. 20). Financial Statements – Interconnectivity. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Next, view the video below and read a succinct explanation for an introduction to the balance sheet.

The Motley Fool. (n.d.). Balance Sheet. Retrieved from

Cliqvid. (2013, Feb.13). What is a Balance Sheet? [Video File]. Retrieved from

It is now time for a somewhat more comprehensive overview of a balance sheet. At this time it is sufficient to review the section on the balance sheet.

Baruch College’s Guide to Financial Statements. [Interactive Presentation]. (2008). Retrieved from

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also has an excellent guide to financial statements on its website.

SEC. Beginners’ Guide to Financial Statements. (n.d.) Retrieved from

Suggested Resources

Accounting Coach. (n.d.). Dictionary of Accounting Terms. Retrieved from

Walther, L. M. (2015). Principles of accounting: A complete online text. Retrieved from . Note that there are also many useful videos associated with Dr. Walther’s textbook.


Accounting is becoming a global business language. Provide some evidence of this assertion. What are some of the implications of this trend?

Do research on the Internet and show references for the information. Comments should be in your own words. Do not forget to interact with other participants by following up with additional ideas or examples.

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