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Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Then respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading.

For Discussion Board requirements, refer to your course Syllabus or to the Discussion Board Rubric which is posted under Grading Rubrics..

Choosing an Expert Witness

Using the Internet, locate three potential expert witnesses in different fields that could be used in the Justin King case. The experts can be for the plaintiff or the defense. Post your findings to the Discussion Board, along with an explanation of why this expert witness is needed and your reasons for choosing this expert. Provide feedback to your classmates’ postings as well.

Visit the ALM Experts website to get started with your research. Then, draft a checklist of items, evidence, and interviews you would include in your plan if your firm was representing Justin King or one of the defendants in the case. Keep your checklist for future reference.

ALM Experts . Retrieved from


Draft Interrogatories

Interrogatories are a tool of formal discovery that permit a party to obtain written answers to questions about a case.

Similar to the complaint and answer, you will include the case caption, pleading title, and a brief introduction to the interrogatories.

Often, interrogatories will be accompanied by instructions and definitions in order to avoid confusion or objection to the interrogatories.

The interrogatories themselves are designed to elicit information relevant to the case, from basic information such as name, contact information, and employment history, to case-related questions such as identification of witnesses and experts and explanation of the facts supporting the plaintiff’s claims or the defendant’s defenses. The FRCP and state rules of civil procedure typically set a maximum number of interrogatories that may be asked at one time, called a “set.” For example, the FRCP permits only 25 interrogatories, including sub-questions. Court order or stipulation is required to ask more than the 25 interrogatories in federal court. Some courts have standard or pattern interrogatories.

Interrogatories are required to be verified. This means that once a party answers the interrogatories, after the attorney information, an affidavit will state that the witness is answering the interrogatories under oath and before a notary public and that they are true and correct.

Using the information you have collected thus far in the Justin King case, draft one set of five interrogatories to the Plaintiff and one set of five interrogatories to the Defendant Anheuser-Busch. Do not use the basis demographic questions, such as name, address, marital status, and social security number. Use the Interrogatories Forms below (set to plaintiff and set to defendant) to draft the interrogatories. You should identify the rule number in the interrogatories and draft the text of the interrogatories. You might consider using some of the sample interrogatories in Chapter 11 of the course text. For purposes of this Assignment, you do not need to include instructions or definitions with the interrogatories. Click on “Resources” to access files to assist you in your Assignment.

Use the following documents to complete your Assignment



Submit the Interrogatories to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 6 in the basket titled Unit 6: Assignment.

Please note that it is not acceptable to copy and paste the language from the sample forms or from your classmates’ postings. Remember, your work must be your own

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