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NEED to answer all 5 PARTS of the assignment. Total word count: 950. Need to answer all parts from part A to part E. Focus on 4 countries: The UK, Germany, Spain and China

This homework assignments is worth more points than the previous assignments have been worth. This is designed for you to do research on what the European Union has been doing over the last 15 years or so on various fronts with respect to renewable energy. They are a good model for the rest of the world and are very much outpacing what is happening in the US and China – although China has been significant strides in the last two years.

Although this warning will go unheeded by most of you – this assignment needs to be started on much earlier than the deadline. In fact, if you are only accessing this assignment they day of the deadline then your not going to be able to turn in a very complete assignment.

The Assignment:

For this assignment you will focus on 4 countries: The UK, Germany, Spain and China and do various kinds of research (there are many on line resources now available) to report on the following questions. In general, you should provide various figures from various data sources to more completely answer a question.

Part A:

What were the main sources of electricity production in each of these countries starting in 1990 and how has their electricity generation portfolio evolved since then?

Part B:

For each country document some special projects (e.g. The London Array) or techniques that have been done to increase their share of renewable electricity generation.

Part C:

Document how per capita electricity consumption (NOT energy consumption) has evolved since 1990 and comment on whether or not the data suggest that the citizens of these countries are using less electricity at the same time they are building out more renewable electricity facilities..

Part D:

From these 4 countries argue which ONE of them seems to be the best model for moving towards renewable electricity and what the future plans are for this particular country.

Part E:

If you were to advise the current US president on what to do, what country examples would you show them to convince them of the feasibility and viability of this approach?

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