research paper in Global Warming, writing homework help

I want research paper written in MLA style. (5 pages)

It must contain 4 references, and You could add if it is gonna help. It should be formal and academic sources and you should cite it of course.

Below you are going to find the outline. This outline is mine, you can change it a little bit if it is going to improve the paper.

you need to provide a thesis statement like this structure on this title I am going to give you which is “Is Global Warming Real?

This an example of how the thesis should be like:

Arguement + Because + 3 Causes


Title: Is paying taxes shows kind of slavery?

Thesis statement: People think that paying taxes has negative results in people daily life

because it motivates poverty, causes family problems, and it is the main reason of high crime rate.

And this The outline you are going to need to complete the paper:

scroll down

Research Paper Outline for

Is Global Warming Real?

1. Introduction (2-3 paragraphs)

A. Statement of the problem

B. History of the problem (introduce the thesis)

C. Thesis statement.

2. Body section one (4-6 paragraphs)

A. Extent of the problem/ How bad is it?

1.What has happened

2. Why should we be concerned

B. Who is Affected? How are they affected


2. Stories

3. Facts

3. Body Section Two (3-4 Paragraphs)

A. Cause/ Effect:

1.Because of…

B. Repercussions of the problem

4. Body Section Three (1-3 paragraphs)

A. Possible solutions

1. What will work

2. What will not work

3. Possible oppositions

5. Conclusion

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