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Quality and safety measures are more important in patient care now more than ever before. This is has to do partly because of the health care reform and reimbursement limitations due to lack of patient satisfaction and/or hospital acquired conditions. A position was needed in the clinical setting to make sure that new rules and regulations were being performed adequately. The Clinical Nurse Leader position was created. “The CNL was envisioned as a nurse who would provide direct clinical leadership at the point of care, working to insure that care delivery is safe, evidence-based, and targeted towards optimal quality outcomes for the cohort of clients served by the CNL” (Reid & Dennison, 2011). The position of CNL requires the nurses to be educationally prepared with at least a Masters degree in nursing (MSN). There are MSN programs now specifically specializing in preparing CNLs.

One way that the CNL influences direct patient care within the facility by performing a risk, safety, and quality assessment for the unit on which he/she is assigned. The necessary changes can then be made. For example; if falls are common on a particular unit, the CNL can try to figure out why this is. If the CNL discovers that the built-in bed alarms are not functioning properly, portable bed alarms can be ordered. One way the CNL influences care in the community is by ensuring continuity and decreasing fragmented care after the patient has been discharged. “This coordination of care between settings, often referred to as ‘lateral integration,’ enables the CNL to serve not only as the patient advocate/care navigator, but more importantly, as the stop-gap professional to reduce fragmentation in care that may lead to lapses in the safety of the care provided” (Reid & Dennison, 2011). I do not believe we have anyone in the specific role as CNL on the unit where I work. I know our unit Case Manager handles many of the roles that the CNL would handle…such as working with patients and providers to decrease fragmentation in care

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