Choose a video from below and post about something that you learned about persuasion or how to resist it.

For this discussion board you will be choosing a video from below and posting about something that you learned about persuasion or how to resist it. Then for the second half of your points you will need to comment under one of your classmates and expand upon what they post, give them a resource related to their post, or compare it to what you learned. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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Persuasion is a tact utilized by various individuals or organizations to influence the decision-making processes of others. Moreover, the communicator’s intentions are reflected within the message relayed and affect the audience’s choices towards the available opportunities in the market. Similarly, to conduct effective persuasion processes, one ought to consider different aspects of the communication to perfectly influence the audience’s attention (Boleslavsky & Kim, 2018). The dilution effect of the communicator, the weight of emphasis enacted on the specified choice to motivate the public to make the intended choice, affects the persuasion process’s implications. By exploring the eminent traits evident in the persuasion video, this paper will critically explore the implications of persuasion information on the audience and the perfect measures to avoid such influence while making sound decisions.

Further, according to the speaker, the choice of words while communicating with the target audience influence how the participants perceive the intended information. Relevant conviction power is likely to be critical while conducting successful persuasion. On the other hand, some persuasive information types compel consumers to purchase low-quality products while leaving the relevant value of their money in the stores (Boleslavsky & Kim, 2018). Such persuasive information utilizes more enticing features that influence consumer interests. To avoid the impacts of misleading persuasion, the audience ought to consider their expectations towards the relayed information and the utility they expect to acquire. Similarly, to avoid imminent negative implications of persuasion, one needs to rely on previous experiences such as the shopping experience and recommendations offered by friends and relatives on the benefits of the different commodities available in the market. Finally, the tendency to conduct background research on the products would reduce the adverse implications of negative persuasive information.

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