develop a plan to bring peace back to the neighborhoods in Chicago experiencing unprecedented violence

Class: Violence and Culture

Textbook: Violence and Culture A Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Approach by Jack David Eller

Assignment: You have been appointed to a special task force established to investigate the causes of the systemic violence that has been occurring in Chicago. The essential function of the task force is to develop and propose a solution to the challenge of restoring peace and order in Chicago. Use the material learned in class to help you hypothesize about the underlying cause(s) of this violence. Using your newly gained knowledge of violence, develop a plan to bring peace back to the neighborhoods in Chicago experiencing this unprecedented violence.

Requirements: For your assignment, you will need to develop a detailed analysis of the challenge and propose a solution to the challenge. You should identify the resources required to implement your solution, anticipate objections and/or impediments to the implementation of the solution, devise a strategy to overcome these objections and/or impediments, and look long-range to identify any unintended consequences that might result from implementing your solution. In preparing your analysis, I recommend following the who, what, when, where, and why approach?

Work Product: You should prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 15 to 20 slides. Your presentation should describe your selected challenge, your proposed solution, the resources needed to implement your solution, objections/impediments (and how you will overcome each), and any possible long-range unintended consequences.

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