ece332 week 1 discussion 1 response s.m.

Analyze this post and share your own experiences and add an additional benefit that was not included in the initial post. There are many benefits of sending your child to preschool. Preschool, to me, is the foundation for all children’s schooling. They’re able to learn and get a jump start on things that’s to come. My husband and I just went to tour a school for my 3 year old daughter. She will be attending Pre-K 3 (pre pre k) at a private school this fall. She will have a full day of schooling, including learning spanish, having recess, learning music, as well as the basics-math (numbers), english (writing, alphabets), science (plants and animals). She will be in a class of 15 peers and will be seated at a desk. Pre-K, not only prepares you for your school journey, it also helps your future teacher better prepare. Students in pre-K are usually observed by their teacher to get a good understanding on how they learn-resulting in creating a curriculum that is easy for them to understand. Pre-K also prepared the students social skills. They are able to interact with other students their own age, and express themsleves more freely. While developing their social skills, they would also work on their fine-motor and cognitive skills by playing differnet games and activities with their classmates. Pre-K is structure, and having structure will prepare them for everything in life.

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