English 1102

This week after reading Tim O’Brien’s classic war story “The Things They Carried,” post responses and discussions to some of these questions from the story:

Why do most students like this story?

What is the importance of the title? Does the title work for you as a reader?

How does the story move from the physical things the men carry to the more intangible?

Which of the two things they carry is the heavier burden? Why?

Which of the men carries the most? Why is this so?

Does Lt. Cross’s name have any significance? Explain.

Does Lt. Cross think he will go back home and marry Martha?

How are the letters like the pebble? What do both mean to Lt. Cross?

Is there a common denominator for what the men think about? What would that be?

Lt. Cross is about 25 years old. When he is 50 will he still remember any of these experiences, in other words carry them? Why?

What is it that frustrates the soldier about the letter he mailed to his dead friend’s family?

These men were in Viet Nam. Is there a chance that something like this happened in Iraq? In Afghanistan? at Gettysburg?

Do not forget to post a minimum of one response to the post of another student, more is better.


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