overcrowding in emergency department research paper

10-15 paper. In-depth analysis of a problem either in your eld of study or related to your Service

This paper while proving information about a problem should also make recommendations for course of action towards a solution of that problem.

You should use APA documentation standards with parenthetical references and a bibliogra- phy page (see Markel, pp. 670-686). This report should have separate sections and headings. Aim for 10-15 pages of discussion and use a minimum of 10 different sources for your cita- tions. Do not use overly long citations. The majority of the paper should be in your own words. Use a variety of sources including periodicals, electronic and interviews. Be aware while Wikepedia may lead you to legitimate sources, it is not a credible source on its own.

As stated above your paper should feature a client with a problem that relates to either your
major/educational background or to your Service Learning agency. You must use visuals
(charts and/or graphs) to illustrate your in-depth analysis.

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