Q1- Why do we need IT Portfolio Management.(2 pages).

Q1- Why do we need IT Portfolio Management? (1-2 pages would
be fine)

Please post an initial post on
why organizations need portfolio management. You will need to do some research
on this, meaning a simple Google search will not suffice. Please include at
least 3 peer reviewed sources. This does not need to be formatting in APA, but
you will still need to properly cite the references you have included in your

1- Please
avoid plagiarism.

2- 3 peer
reviewed sources

Q2- Is
business involvement a requirement in an IT portfolio management program? (1-2
pages would be fine)

Do some research on business
involvement within IT portfolio management? Does the business always need to be
involved in planning an IT portfolio management program? If the business should
always be involved, at what point should they be brought into the process?

*** Please
avoid plagiarism.

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