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Choose any religion apart from christianity and African tradition. After choosing, i will further give you the links to those religion

For students that are merely interested in a short list of my expectations, I simply want you to read about two traditions and write in two to three pages (this means nothing short of two full pages, double spaced, 12 point New Times Roman font): 1) what the key features are of each tradition you selected; 2) how the authors of the readings you selected dealt with (or did not deal with) some of the issues brought up in class over the first two weeks; 3) briefly compare and contrast the two traditions (this is where you have the most leeway, you can look at ritual, specific beliefs or doctrines, etc., really just about anything goes here); 4) finally, briefly mention how your use of comparison helped you or hindered you in understanding the two traditions; what else might have to be looked at; or what questions do you still have after this exercise; and do you feel your understanding of “religion” has increased, stayed the same, or perhaps even decreased?

The essays, however, should not be written in conversational form as the discussion boards are written, which is why I have included the link to the OWL at Purdue. You will need topic sentences, transition sentences, an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, and you will need to cite. Do not use websites like “Wikipedia,” for this assignment I do not need a bibliography (or works cited page, or references) as long as you only use course materials, but within the text, any idea that is not your own original idea will require you to reference the author and page number in parenthesis

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