student dance concert

please follow the video, and follow the requirement write a essay.

1) Pick a maximum of two dance pieces that you liked or disliked and critique in detail.

2) Specify the elements of dance on the dance pieces you pick (Specify three main elements,Time, Space and Energy, with sub-categories on each dance you pick).

3) Write a personal reflection about the dance(s).

When you identify the subcategories of the elements of dance, please make sure to specify which elements they are part of (Time, Space or Energy). For example: “As an element of Space, the dancer created the figure eight as a distinctive floor pattern throughout the piece…” You will only earn points by specifying which element the subcategory belongs to.

Use a minimum of 800 words, font # 12, and double-spacing. You must submit the assignment in Word document format only (if you submit in any format other than Word

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