Week 3 Arizona Senate Bill 1070 Discussion and paper – Law homework help

This has two parts to it has a discussion it needs to be 75 to 150 words and a 2-3 page paper APA styles and I have attached what the APA style paper should look like and it has to be work cited with the website and thanks

Arizona Senate Bill 1070

Does the Arizona Senate Bill 1070 promote racial profiling? Is it appropriate for the responsibility for this type of enforcement to be at the state and local level?

Take a stand on both these questions and defend your position.

This is the paper

Absconder Apprehension Initiative

Describe the purpose of the Absconder Apprehension Initiative. In a 2-3 page essay and using APA style formatting, Is this type of initiative appropriate in today’s fight against terrorism? Explain your position.

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