Across State Health Network: Enterprise Risk Management

Congratulations! You are promoted!

Tampa Bay Super Clinic (TBSC) has been purchased by Across State Health Network (ASHN),

whose CEO is progressive and proactive. The network is growing fast and he has decided to

adopt the enterprise risk management model (ERM). Out of the 75 facilities in the network, you stand out as the most effective risk manager. He offers you the position of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of the network and you gladly accept it.

The facilities in the network are located in three states and vary in size between 15,000 and

60,000 square feet. All offer the same services as TBSC. Currently the facilities also vary as to

how they approach risk management. Some of them are similar to TBSC in that each has a risk

manager. Others assign risk management responsibilities to an office manager or safety


As the CRO, you will write a paper to recommend how the network’s risk management

organization should be structured. Specifically, you must describe (a) which personnel or unit or

department would carry out the following risk management functions and (b) the reporting

structure and working relationships of such personnel or units or departments with regard to

other operational departments of the network and the CRO:

 Incident reporting, tracking, and prevention

 Quality assurance

 Credentialing

 Security

 Claims management

 Risk management education

Remember to think about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, documentation guidelines, malpractice, SBAR communication model, doctrine of vicarious, battery and abuse. Use your textbook and other assigned readings as appropriate for references.

The recommendations are to be presented in a 1,000-word APA-formatted paper. You may, but

are not required to, provide an organizational chart; if you do, it must comply with the APA

format for figures. Please review the HSA style guide (in the Course Resources folder)

Include at least two references from peer-reviewed journals (not counting those provided in the course materials) to support your points. Please include the rubric at the end of the document.

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