alcohol consumption on unborn fetus

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Throughout this
course, you will be progressively building a research paper that will be
submitted in stages to the instructor. 
Each of these stages is important to help you organize your thoughts and
write a thorough review of established literature on a particular topic.  The finished product for this assignment will
be a double-spaced, 10–15-page paper (not including title page, abstract, and
references) addressing your chosen topic. 
You must include at least 10 relevant journal articles in your
paper.  All articles must be empirical*
and recent (written within the last 5 years unless the citation is linked to an
author whose work is seminal to your topic). 
This paper should be written in a scholarly fashion, strictly adhering
to APA standards.  Do not express your
own opinion.  The final copy of
the research paper is due on
Wednesday of Module/Week 8
No papers will be accepted after 5 days
from the due date.


You should use the following guidelines in constructing
your research paper:

  • Title page.
  • Abstract page.
  • Introduction should define
         and discuss the importance of your topic.
  • The body of the paper should
         organize the topic in a meaningful way and critically review the current
         empirical knowledge base relevant to your topic.
  • A conclusion section should
         include a discussion of practice/policy implications/recommendations and
         future research directions.
  • Reference page should list
         at least 10 primary empirical sources.
  • Follow APA Publication
         Manual organization and style guidelines. 
         Points will be deducted for format violations and grammatical

of empirical studies summarize original research.  Many journal articles are reports of
empirical studies. In order to learn how
to review the literature, it is important to be able to read and understand
reports of empirical studies.  Empirical articles have the following
sections: abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and

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